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Work continues on Alien Arena, expect new release in May.

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Work continues for the next release of Alien Arena 2008, and there are already a number of nice enhancements. We have managed to further optimize the engine to give another 15 percent increase in average FPS. Results vary depending on CPU - lower end CPU's see a larger increase than high end. Video settings have now been given a separate brightness and contrast filter, and default model lighting is now per-vertex and contrast has been added to that lighting. All of this makes player visibility much better, especially in any dark areas of maps. We are currently working on a map voting system, and have a number of new maps in the works.

Unfortunately, the Mac port has been delayed. It has been promised to me that it would have been done by now, but this is totally out of my hands. From what I've been told it's done for the most part, but a few issues need to be resolved. I will update the status of it as soon as I get updated myself.

7.01 should be released sometime in May, barring unforseen circumstances. I'll update with more information on new features and changes when more work has been completed.


I'm not sure if this is possible without a metric ton of work but is it possible to get dual core optimizations in a new version of AA? I admit that I'm quite the layman when it comes to this sort of thing but it'd be nice to see AA take advantage of multicore systems.

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