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Version 7.20 of Alien Arena 2008 has been released, featuring a host of new features, optimizations and gameplay enhancements from glsl per-pixel lighting effects to anti-lag code!

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COR Entertainment announces the latest release of it's freeware, open sourced FPS shooter, Alien Arena 2008!

Version 7.20 features a host of improvements, optimizations, and new features such as the implementation of per-pixel GLSL effects including parallax, normal and specular mapping/highlighting, occlusion culling of entities, shader performance boosts, new and improved weapon/event effects, and much more. The end result is a game that not only looks great, but also runs considerably faster than previous releases.

On the gameplay aspect, a brand new reward system has been implemented, allowing players to choose from three power-ups when reaching a certain achievement total. Weapons have received further balancing, power-up effects made more smooth, and various bugs have been squashed. Several brand new levels have been added, as well as player skins that improve visibility and an HUD based weapon inventory.

View the extensive changelog here - Icculus.org

Parallax and normal mapping. GLSL dynamic lighting.
Improved normalmapping of meshes and world surface Normal mapped martian


Cool :)
I bet that ID never though the IDTech 2 engine would have such a long life.

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