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We've added a few new Alchemic Jousts images. Check also our videos if you don't know the game yet.

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New images

We've added 4 new images to the gallery, check them here:

Alchemic Jousts Alchemic Jousts

Alchemic Jousts Alchemic Jousts

See it in Action

The best way to see it in action is to check our videos page, but here are a couple of gifs, we will keep them coming in the near future.

First, see how to deal with big groups of enemies.


And the importance of casting the correct Elemental.


Finally, this is an old bug we called "Rocket Launch". Unfortunately, it's solved now, though we are trying to convert it into a feature if we manage to do it in a way it doesn't break game balance.


Steam Greenlight

Our game is on Steam Greenlight right now, please, help us voting yes!

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About Us

We (Player 2 Game Studios) are a new 2 man indie studio, and this is our first game.
Please, consider following us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and/or IndieDB to keep up-to-date with our game announcements and news!

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