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Post news RSS Alas Mortis - January 25th, 2014

Just a quick little news update regarding the game in general. And what to expect on the initial release.

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So, it's nearing the end of January and I've decided to write up a little update regarding the game in general and where I intend to take it in the comings months, and year. So, without further ado let's press on to the news.

I said I'd take the community's opinions into account, and people weren't too keen on the implementation of the Possessed character being with the Demon, and just in general weren't fans of some of the modes I had intended to come along after the "early-access" release of Alas Mortis. So, the initial release will stay true to the original game-mode where the demon is hunting the players down, and staying true to the hide-and-seek concept I had originally planned the game to be.

We also have some concept art finally drawn up for the Possessed character who is still very much going to be in the game, and still serve some purpose. This will stem from a newly crafted, and thought out Possession mode which will come out either in the early access, or some time after. This mode will play similar to 'infection' game-types nowadays where The Demon will be armed with his Possession Skull and can lob it at enemies to possess them.

However, the Demon can only score points if the Possessed players score kills, but they'll only be possessed for short amounts of time before becoming normal again. While in a state of possession the demon can control the player, and use the player to kill the other humans, and gain points. For this mode, The Demon is only armed with his skull, but if he kills a human he won't be awarded any points, and more so gain penalties via negative points (much like suicides/betrayals in most competitive games nowadays). This will also work in the same vain if a human player attempts to commit suicide to cheat the Demon out of points. If a human commits suicide the demon is automatically awarded one point.

I'm still trying to figure out how the human players can score points besides the typical run-and-hide which features in the core game-mode. I'll accept suggestions, etc.

We've also revealed another one of the playable humans, with this lovely character being Amelia Stuart. Amelia is a ten-year old girl who joins up with the other survivors once the demon begins picking off those who have sinned. However, Amelia is unique in one aspect where she's being hunted, but is the only of the humans being hunted whom hasn't sinned.

The reason for her being in the game, and being hunted by the demon is very heavily being written in the plot, and backstory of the game. More will be revealed later.

I'd like to thank everyone for following, and supporting my endeavors with Alas Mortis. It's my first attempt at designing something in the Unreal Engine, and I hope you all can enjoy it when the early-access launches.

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