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Post news RSS AK 2 now has Jumpjets along with Skiing!

Check out our new videos of the Jump Jets in action!

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Howdy, everyone!
I would just like to take a moment to let yall know we now have Jump Jets implemented. They are still in alpha. But they work pretty well right now. We just have to tweak them. They are based on the Jump Jet code we used in AK 1. Pretty much we reused it. And it works wonderfully in Unity. We just had to do a little Rewriting of the code. From Neo Axis. The way we implemented it, we can use the code for any unit just about. From Mechs to Player characters and just about anything else we want to use in the game. Including hovering tanks and or VTOL units.

The code is by itself. And can be used for almost anything. :)

Anyway here are three videos I made recently of them in action!

The first video is here. This shows me just running around on a map. And shows off the movement controls. I also jump on top of the mech hangar.

The 2nd video shows me Skiing down a huge cliff. And hitting a tree at the bottom. lol. It was quite fun to make too.

The 3rd video also showcases the movement controls too. This one just shows me running around on a map. and just testing the controls as well.

I hope you enjoy this little update! We will be posting more videos as we create new stuff and will keep everyone updated on the development of the game as we have more things to show!

Also! Before I forget! We are also now the proud owners of Game Kit Controller! It is an awesome system for Player Characters. It has vehicles, all kinds of really awesome gravity effects. And inventory, along with many many different things! You can check out the website here!

Along with there unity store page!

It has a lot of awesome features that we will definitely be using for Assault Knights 2: Fallen Knight.

Lastly like always. If you want to help us with the development of the game. You can donate to the project here. Paypal.me
We are in need of support from the community to help us get the assets we need! If anyone can help us. Please donate to the project. So we can get the assets we want. You can also take a look at the asset list here.

It shows everything we intend to get for the game. Along with the prices of each thing. If we get donations we will be able to make the game a lot more quickly. And get the first demo out faster. If not it could take a couple of years before we have a good enough demo to put out. So please. Help us get the things we need!

Thank you so much.
Night Hawk!

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