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Fist Ever Official AirBuccaneers Tournament was held at Vectorama, one of the biggest LAN Party events in Finland.

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Last weekend Vectorama LAN Party was held here in Oulu, Finland. The event was some 400 head strong and thus is one of the biggest LAN parties in the country. Since LudoCraft is from Oulu, it was the perfect opportunity to have the First Ever Official AirBuccaneers Tournament at Vectorama.
On Friday June 8th four brave teams of eight men embarked on the great unknown skies of AirBuccaneers with the taste of blood in their mouths and dream of glorious victory in their sights. All four teams fought fiercely and would not give in one inch. But in the end one team stood victoriously above all others and so a new chapter in the books of AirBuccaneers’ history had been written.
The final outcome of the Tournament is as follows:

Thanks to Verkkopeliyhdistys Insomnia Ry and Alfawave for the pictures.
Byrz’s Team’s victory was made even sweeter by the fact that their team was one man short of the eight needed and two of their team members had joined in at the least minute. In the following days prize-giving they collected their Certificates of Victory, Pre-Alpha Deluxe game accounts which you can’t even get with money any more, and the right to participate in the Developer Sauna and a private AirBuccaneers Battle with the game developers. And if they win said battle, there’s a secret prize awaiting them…
During Saturday June 9th we also organized a free-for-all surprise AirBuccaneers Tournament where we gave extremely rare developer AirBuccaneers t-shirts to two biggest score earners and also drew one extra t-shirt to a lucky winner.
The winners were:

  • Most points: Evok
  • 2nd most points: M4TIAS
  • Lucky draw winner: Falcon-X

The whole LudoCraft staff wants to congratulate all the winners and express their thanks to all who participated in the tournaments. We got tons of very useful feedback and suggestions from you all. It was great to be able to put AirBuccaneers in its Alpha stage to a proper test at a big LAN party event and see it work almost perfectly. This is how the testing should be done, with the players in real-life situations. Our thanks also go the organizers of Vectorama. You rock!
See more pictures (“kuvia” or “kuvat” in Finnish) from Vectorama! (Site in Finnish.)

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