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After another few weeks, we uploaded the update for Air Missions: HIND featuring two new missions and the new helicopter!

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One of the missions is about airfield and city attack in Easter Europe. On the airfield there are six enemy helicopters prepared to stop you! The next mission is something for "lovers" of Evacuation mission: the "Evacuation 2" mission :-), sorry guys! But hope this mission will have better reputation, because there you need to land of the rooftop to pick up soldiers, plus you are asked to demolish two of the tall buildings!

We have added Ka-50 helicopter flyable in coop missions, instant battles and test flight. You can unlock also the Vikhr (AT-16) laser guided missiles, which is completely new guidance in compared to SACLOS or MCLOS missiles. The Vikhr missiles are guided by laser, so you need just activate missile control (or autohover) pick the square cross to your target, wait while target will be locked, and fire the missile - that's all! Note that if missile is on it's way to the target you can't lock new target, because helicopter has only one laser, however you can fire second missile to same target.

Few other things worth to mention:

  • We make a better sound (thanks to my friend Jaroslav for tips about sounds)! We added low-pass and reverb effect to distance emitters. I think it turns nicely into improvement of game's sound!
  • Added two new settings to difficulty - Friendly fire option and possibility to get damaged helicopter by close explosion.
  • You can now demolish the buildings.
  • Possibility to turn off the camera auto-centre in cockpit view or external view, for pilots who using the software mapping the TrackIR to mouse.
  • Fixed a bit physics during hovering and flying in "Pilot" mode.. It is better now? Let us know!
  • And other small fixes as you reported in forums or we discovered!

See you in the air!

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