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Air Missions: HIND gets two new missions with coop support!

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This two missions taking place in Eastern Europe. In first mission "Destroy communication" you will be deployed behind enemy lines to destroy the bridges and radio station. In second mission "Lurking in the trees" you will helps the allied ground forces find the lurking tanks. For this objective we highly recommend to use the Infra camera. You can play both missions in CO-OP mode.

Except this two missions we tried to improve some other things, here is the list:

  • Improved boarding of persons - Like in mission "Evacuation" or in "Destroy communications" missions, now the passengers approaching helicopter, and you must wait until they will aboard your helicopter.. previously it was done by some predefined cutscenes, now should be more natural. Also, this is half-way to support the door animation (open/close) we would like to add in future, after landing you will require to open the door before passenger will aboard.
  • Joystick support improvements - now there are natively supported three flightstick devices (for players who love to play with flightstick, throttle and pedals as separate devices). We added the invert option for tail rotor (useful for pedals configuration)
  • New control settings screen - we added several new options like hot switch into infra camera or you can now customize toggling style for weapon control, autohover, focus to target or infra camera. There are available two options "hold to activate" or "toggle on/off". Notice: Due to this change you may experiencing that some of your previous inversion settings could be reset to default!
  • Another small detail - we added the rotation of wheels during vehicle movement! In future we would like to add also the dust particles.
  • Implemented the first version of bomb view, when you hold the key for focus to target while you have bombs or dispenser armed, camera is focused to area where will bombs impact terrain.
  • We tried to fix the stuttering of helicopter in casual mode on machines with lower FPS. Hope it's better now!.
  • English text was revised

That's end of the briefing! See you in the air, pilots!

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