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The AI has been noticeably improved: self-preservation, ganging up on weak targets, traveling in packs...

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Aside from the UI-related changes, such as a large game map that allows you to choose where you spawn and gives you a detailed overview of the battleground, there is now far less foolishness to AI's behavior.

They've been taught self-preservation, and will go repair themselves if their health is low, and they will no longer attack enemy towers at low health either. In fact, the AI ships will now go after the closest weakest target, whatever it may be.

You will also notice them traveling in packs now. This wasn't intentional, but a side-effect of the changes. Aside from the similar objective choices at start, since ships go after whatever is closest and has lowest health, if one unit starts attacking something and its health goes down, other units will be much more likely to jump in and help.

And yes, they will come help you in the same fashion. In fact, if you lay siege to a side port in The Ring, you may find some help (or some enemies) coming your way. Makes things more interesting!

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