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Computer woes with little in the way of setbacks make for exciting (not) news on moddb developer page

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News Special!

Hello folks! this is a quick-- and special news post to talk on a few issues, mainly regarding how progress has slowed to a stand-still in the past month due to some computer and money issues.

What happened, you ask? Well I'll tell you. My 1970's prehistoric GPU (the wonderful and very much loved by me EVGA 8800 GTS 512) finally died, bless it's soul, and has been sent to the recycling center for GPU purgatory. Luckily, a loss of hardware like this means that I wont lose any build's, any progress, or have to start from scratch or something equally hair-pullingly annoying. But it does mean, however, that my main workstation is out of business for the next week or two until my brand new GTX 680 arrives.

Actually this happened at the beginning of the month, and I've been pinching pennies and budgeting my allowance so that I may buy this awesome top-of-the-line card.

To be honest I'm friggen excited.

When I built this pc a short while ago, I spent most of my money on a good board and on an equally awesome CPU, but haven't had a decent GPU that could keep up; so for the first time since 2006~ I'll have matching top of the line hardware-- but I must digress.

So, what of Darling? You lovers of dark grungy horror will be pleased to know that my ostentatiously bad life has taken some more predictably bad turns, leaving me depressed and fetal in front of my notebooks... which provides great material!! I Have a lot of exciting Ideas I can't wait to bring to life involving...well... when more of my ideas start taking shape I'll share more.

Ok I'm done have fun kids.

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