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Update on the development of 'Age of Space' with new gameplay video inside.

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Hi all,

A lot of things have happened since last article! I've found an artist that is willing to make music for the game and I've been working alot with the visuals since last time. Actually I've kind of changed it all...

First lets start with the obvious; I've added a new dimension into the game making it a 3d game instead of 2d. After alot of frustration working with pixel art I decided to give my good old modelling skills a new chance. The models used on the current footage are picked off the internet only to use as placeholders for now while I'm making the real deal. Consider all footage at this point as 'extremly work-in-progress'.

I've found out that I want to make this a PC game instead of a tablet/phone game. The reason for this is that I want to scale up the amount of units on the battlefield as well as adding some more advanced mechanics giving it enough depth for a PC game.

I will be trying to add multiplayer into the game. Beeing able to play against other people would give game a lot of replayability and value. I cannot promise multiplayer at this stage because I need to do alot of research and testing first but I will be prioritizing it high.

Except for that - the scope of the game as far as functionality and features are now defined and I'm looking soo much into sharing them all with you. In summary the goal of the game is to defeat the enemy capital ship by mining for resources, build your defences and strike at just the right time. All your ships will be customizable which will open for a lot of variations on how you play the game.

Last I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's been giving me a lot of positive feedback on this game. It means alot to me and gives me inspiration to keep working hard on it :)

Thanks for reading!

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