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Faster Movement, Bugfixes, Road Signs, Legendary Equipments, New Item to Forge!

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Hello again!
Since week has passed, that means time to release new update!

Dorpat Has road signs now!
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Bronze Large Helmet forging got added!
Level 16 forging needed, 6 bars.
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Added Diamond gloves of Accuracy/magic/defense enchanting!
tutorial island/ dorpat NPC sprite change!
User Posted Image -) User Posted Image
High level warriors can hunt now Warrior trophies to forge Juggernaut set ( Defense level 95!)
Q:How to get warrior Trophies?
A1: Kill High level monsters for rusty warrior trophies and forge them into shiny 1!
User Posted Image
A2: Bosses have % to drop Warrior trophy!
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Legendary Ichor Set got added! (Defense level 105!)
User Posted Image
Q: How to get Ichor items?
A: Ichor items can be forged with Golden apples and Unicorn horns!
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Q: How to get golden apples?
A: Zeus drops golden apples
7 Souls Jewel!
Q: What is 7 souls jewel?
A: 7 Souls jewel is Rare gem that can be made when forging 7 different gem into 1!
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Q: What can do with those expensive 7 sould jewels?
A: 7 souls jewels are needed to forge Legendary 7 souls items( Defense level 110 needed)!
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Shiva Forging got added for mages!
Will be moved under magic skill in future!
Q: How to get shiva items (Magic level 90 needed)?
A: Shiva items can be made when combined Merlin items with Black Opals ( At forge right now!)
User Posted Image
Demigod Forging added for mages!
Will be moved under magic skill in future!
Q: How to get Demigod items (Magic level 95 needed)?
A: Demigod items can be get when combined Odin and gandalf items with black opals!
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Find out more at Rpg.mo.ee
or Desura

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