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After a long break, it's time to get back to Aftermath and decide what we're going to do.

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Hello everyone, it's been a while, 6 months in fact.

Back in August 2012, both Mowcno and I decided to put Aftermath on hold while we worked on separate projects. Mowcno is still working on his, but I have decided to return and continue working on Aftermath.

Seeing as I'm now developing this on my own, I've decided to change a few things.

There will no longer be classes in the game, all players will be equal. Players will enter the game with the same stats and skills, and abilities can be earnt for that game only, and will be lost when the game is over. Basically, I'm going to be simplifying the game, I'm still going to include previously mentioned game modes, such as CTF and Deathmatch.

I am currently moving the game from the Game Maker 8.0 engine to the Game Maker Studio engine, this brought up a fair amount of errors, but it does mean that the game will run faster on lower performance hardware, it also allows me to do a few extra things with the new features introduced in the new engine.

The primary focus at the moment, is to get the game fully functional in the GMS engine, once I have achieved that, I can start working on adding more content. So far, I have gotten the split-screen survival mode working in the new engine, and I hope over the next few days, to get the Deathmatch mode and single-player survival working as well.

I will be posting development diaries weekly from now on, so check back next Friday for more Aftermath news!

You can also get updates mid-week by following the Aftermath twitter page

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