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Its been a month since our last news post and we've been busy.

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Hello again everyone. It's been over a month now since we last posted any news so we've done lots. Rather than write this news post over the next few hours I'll spend last time on each development than I usually do as there's lots to fit in.

Firstly lots of work has gone into the AI for deathmatch modes. Bots will be available in offline and online multiplayer in deathmatch, capture the flag and other competitive game modes. The AI still need lots of work but we're confident we can create a fun and challenging opponent.

We started working on the shop again from scratch re-creating it from the ground up. Now not only does it look better but the layout is much more organised and easy to understand. We have also created many images for the weapons and are currently in the process of adding items and defenses to the shop. A screenshot of the new shop screen will be posted by next week.

The first boss encounter we have added to the game has been updated, the drone boss now moves correctly and will spawn smaller drones that will hunt down the player until the drone boss is destroyed, the damage system has now also been implemented into the boss.

We've also added our first weather effects into the game, currently the only weather is rain but through the weather system we have implemented the weather can changed randomly and increase and decrease in intensity. Rain currently has 5 different levels of intensity ranging from a light drizzle to a heavy storm. We have also added sound effects for the weather.

The grenades system has been updated allowing the player to change the distance thrown depending on how long they hold down the throw button. The explosion effect of the grenade has also been edited and the area effect damage of the grenade has been added.

All controls have been implemented to be functional with an xbox-360 gamepad or other supported gamepad. If playing splitscreen all players apart from player 1 must use gamepads. Player 1 can also use a gamepad optionally.

The weapons system has also been re-created from scratch for the second time. Before weapons were either categorised as primary or secondary, but now all weapons can be used in either the primary or secondary slot. When picking up a weapon in deathmatch mode you can swap it for your primary weapon with one button or your secondary weapon for another button. Also in the shop you can choose which weapon slot to equip you're newly, or previously purchased weapon to. Once you have purchased weapons at the shop in survival mode they will stay owned and can be re-equipped at the shop in-between waves.

The player's movement has also changed, we have increased the movement speed of the player and most of the enemies to increase the pace at which the game is played, we have also added a dodging/diving mechanic for the player to use though this still needs a player animation adding. The faster gameplay speed makes the game much more interesting.

Map backgrounds are also now loaded externally to save file space as previously by importing the image as a background into the game itself our first survival map alone was taking up 20mb of space. By loading the map as an external file to the executable we have reduced the size of the map from 20mb to 3mb.

The singleplayer HUD has also recieved a small amount of work recently, mainly just bug fixes but we also edited the singleplayer weapon icons.

Lastly heres an image of the first survival map.

map 1 preview

Thats it for this development diary, We're hoping to post another within less than a week so hopefully there wont be a month gap like there was previously. To finish off I'll give a list summarising what we have done this week and what we plan on doing next.

This week we:

  • Created a basic AI to be used in competetive modes
  • Re-created the shop from scratch
  • Created weapon images to be used in the shop
  • Finished the first boss encounter
  • Edited the player and enemy speed
  • Added a basic dodging and diving mechanic
  • Fully implemented gamepad support
  • Implemented a weather system with randomly changing weather, weather intensity and SFX
  • Updated the grenades physics and added area effect damage
  • Updated weapon system
  • Added external map loading
  • Updated singleplayer HUD
  • Updated turret defense

Next we plan on:

  • Adding defenses and items to the shop
  • Adding more defences
  • Adding more items
  • Add 5 new weapons
  • Create player diving animation
  • Create enemy berserker animation
  • Add first random events
  • Finish the first survival level up to wave 20
  • Add awards system
  • Create images for defenses, items and awards

Thanks for reading, our next news post will be out in only a few days (hopefully)

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