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With this news we presents our in-game Wiki for After Reset™ setting. The data within is transmitted via CORE-7 Implant (VI-implant of the Protagonist you are playing).

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With this news we presents our in-game Wiki for After Reset™ setting. The data within is transmitted via CORE-7 Implant (VI-implant of the Protagonist you are playing). Find more on www.afterreset.com

The Great Desert is a region in the After Reset™ world. It is a desert, which encompasses a large chunk of the former US state of Nevada. It is a playable area in the game After Reset™ RPG. By 132 AR, a large part of the Great Desert is a Yellow Zone.

The State of Eagle a region of the After Reset™ world, combining the semi-desert zones (on the edge of the Great Desert) and prairie areas (in the central part and coastal regions). In large part, the State of Eagle has encompassed the former US state of California. It is a playable area in the game After Reset™ RPG. By 132 AR, a large part of the State of Eagle is a Yellow Zone.

Types of geonatural zones according to the United Governments classification system:

Red Zones
– areas not suitable for human life. Survival cannot be guaranteed even with technical and military support. Judging by available evidence, the Red Zones appeared during the Reset and subsequent morphing of the Earth. Relatively small pockets dot the inside of the Yellow Zones, but, as a rule, do not grow beyond their borders. In the “Red” Zones, most terrestrial organisms are not able to live, however mutants and recently arrived alien life forms feel quite at ease here.

Yellow Zones – areas that are appropriate, if not necessarily for life, then at least for human survival. They contain leftover traces of elevated background radiation. Nonetheless, in the majority of cases, these areas allow for survival even without the support of technology. They often cover areas of ruined cities of the Past Era. As a rule, flora, fauna and soil are seriously harmed by these areas, and has had great difficulty recovering after the Reset, which is why edible food and potable water are valued at parity with life. By 132 AR, power in most Yellow Zones is held by small anarchist gangs.

Green Zones – areas that didn’t suffer whatsoever during the Reset. By 132 AR, the existence of Green Zones has not been officially confirmed by the UG.

Thermonuclear Reactor DT-7 – a United Governments thermonuclear reactor. It runs on deuterium-tritium plates, collected by the UG from the ocean with laser separation of isotopes using SILEX technology. By 132 AR, it is obsolete and has been replaced by the Singularity Reactor AM-2.

Singularity Reactor AM-2 – a United Governments singularity experimental reactor. Developed on the basis of the study of Higgs Field Theory and interaction fields used by the Incorporeals. It functions due to the suspension of creation and retention of microscopic black holes.

Plasma Reactor KL-7 – a United Governments plasma reactor. Its functioning is based on the principle of cold plasma vortex acceleration. It is fairly portable, but this also makes it quite expensive to produce, which is why it’s generally used in small closed systems (e.g. personal bunkers).

Shark Skin Technology – a United Governments technology, widely used by them in the design and production of various materials (e.g. fabrics, dyes, windows). This technology works based on an improved imitation of the nanostructures of a number of natural surfaces, such as shark skin, rice leaves, butterfly wings, etc. Self-cleaning Surfaces have a very low coefficient of friction and have anti-contamination properties, working mostly against inorganic matter (dust, soot), but also matter with a biological origin (fungal spores, microbes, algae, etc.).

Neutrino Detector Argus-2 – a United Governments neutrino detector. Neutrinos are fundamental particles with half-integer spin that participate only in weak and gravitational interactions. Low energy neutrinos interact extremely weakly with matter, which is why radiation from them at any dose is totally harmless to humans. It is structured like a nesting doll for maximal shielding from any particles other than neutrinos (a layer of ultrapure water, then a layer of pseudocumene, and a scintillator core, in which, interacting with electrons, neutrinos generate traces in the form of Cherenkov Radiation).

Cherenkov Radiation – a glow caused in a transparent medium by a charged particle that moves faster than the phase velocity of light in that medium. It often accompanies United Government technologies that use high-energy physics.

Blue Light Optical Technology (abbr. BLOT) – a technology that concentrates electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from 360 nm to 480 nm (which the human eye interprets as dark blue and purple), used by the United Governments in laser weaponry.

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