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In this release we have updated a series of aesthetics and features in our game.

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It has been a week since our last release. During the week, we have heard many suggestions from playtesting, and we are making following changes, with the reasons given as well:

  • How to express health conditions of minions - we modified this in alpha release, and our players believe there were too many colors in that version, so we simplify the colors in this version.
  • Assassinator movement animation update - players and us believe it was hard to realize where the assassinator was dashing towards, so we updated that animation with a trail renderer, and we adjusted the animation path as well.
  • Outlook of heroes and radius menu - for heroes, we updated by moving the amount of resources into the heroes. This is because players said they didn't know how many resources they had in previous version. For radius menu, we updated because the previous version has too many text, and we want to simplify the information.
  • Ending theme - our players suggest using consistent themes, and we decide to use ice and fire to represent two sides of the games. Accordingly we modify the ending effect and sound effect.
  • Outlook of the base and towers - the aesthetic of base and tower are to some extents dull, and we use particle systems to refine them.
  • Tutorial update - Previously the tutorial gives the player much more freedom so that it cannot tell the players mechanisms properly. Now we force players to know these mechanisms in tutorial, so that they won't be confused in the real game.
  • Resources speed increasing - This is about a balance between whether we want to focus on game strategies or game outlook(an "epic" battle, in other words). Previously we focus on the game strategies too much, and there were just a few minions on the battleground, which was not interesting. Now since we increase the speed to earn resources, players can easily summon a large-scale troop, and the battle will be more interesting.
  • Parameters adjustment - now the mage is more powerful, and respectively, there is more need to summon an assassinator to "deal with" the mage.
  • Bug fix - we fix some bugs, including the mechanisms for assassinator attack, tutorial progress, summon minions without cost in the first few seconds.

With these modifications, we mainly want to bring our players to a larger-scale battleground, while we want to maintain the strategies in the game. As a summary, those modifications are working in two directions. First, for decisions making, we stress on the usage of different minions and how their combinations make difference. Second, for aesthetics, we manage to convey a big battleground to players.

Our tasks for next release:

  • Adjusting the background color. The current background is black and white, and we believe the background should be consistent with our theme - ice and fire, blue and red, for example.
  • Adjusting the mage. Now we feel like the mage might be too powerful, but we need to collect data from playtesting.
  • Updating BGM. With the help of our freelancer, we can update to a new background music. We have heard that version, and it is more consistent to our theme.
  • Other juicy elements.


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