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Game will be divided on two different modes/aspects, one is about combat and another is about avoiding or preparing to combat.

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In combat mode player as captain ( or even fleet admiral in later part of game ) can directly controlling of all important systems in one of his all ships. Other ships can be set as formation, each ship in formation turning in same moment and shooting to same target. Ships was divided three hull sizes class: frigates, crusiders and battleships, frigates is speed and agile, battleships is heavy armours and slow, crusiders is on middle.
In adventure mode will be possible to travel between any space objects in star system, between stars in galaxy using warp gate or limited hyper drive.
Besides traveling can be done many things: exploring a space, taking share on war, be a pirate, kill a pirates, be a marchant, be a spy, create own mining company, take control and tribute from planet etc. I want make same level of freedom like Mount&blade, Freespace maybe, but not from perspective of fighter pilot like typical space sim.
Capain can level up and gain new abilities from many domains like: combat, economic, rouge. Improvement of ship can be done in many ways, also ship need repair, buy ammunition and fuel so ship is good thing to spend earned from mission money.

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