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Concept arts are mandatory to visualize your ideas and to finally look into the eyes the characters you had just in your head, but if you want to do a 3D action adventure like Reverse: Time Collapse, they lack depth.

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Hi again,

With this article we want to start a 3-episodes story regarding the development of the main characters’ 3D models.

As you may know, we teamed up with AAA artists (if you missed the story, you can read it HERE) and we’ve already shown you the amazing concept arts provided by Shaddy Safadi (The Last Of Us, Uncharted 3 and others…) in THIS ARTICLE, so let’s add the third dimension!

Ronald Gebilaguin, 3D artist best known for Uncharted 3, The Sims 3 and others, used the arts to create the tridimensional models of Jack.

This episode is entirely dedicated to our main character: Jack Black.

Jack Black

This is the final concept art for Jack. We’re still in the bidimensional domain.


How do you make it fit in a three dimensional world? Yes, you need a very talented 3D artist!

First of all, starting from Shaddy’s concept, Ronald started sculpting the model. Please note that 3D sculpting is a technique generally used only in AAA projects due to its costs.


Jack’s body turnaround


Jack’s head turnaround

We had a few small changes in mind, so we sent Ronald some requests.

140304_Jack_sculptWIP_01 (1) Jack-head-revisions

After that, he added textures. To really reach an outstanding result for the skin rendering, he used 8 (yes, eight!) different layers: diffuse, specular, gloss, normal, subdermis, skin mask, ambient occlusion and translucency map. Check the differences in the image below.


Adding some details made the 3D model final.



jack_enhanced textures



In the meanwhile we’re writing this article, we’re #9 out of 2200+ on Steam Greenlight but we need more, then VOTE US!

We’ll soon be on Kickstarter, so please subscribe to the NEWSLETTER on our OFFICIAL WEBSITE to stay tuned about it.

So, see the 3D model in action in our 2+ minutes game trailer on YOUTUBE.

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