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Post news RSS Added content to the game and updated the menus

We inserted story content in the game and updated some menu aspects.

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Hello everyone, it's our pleasure to inform you all that we are currently adding story content to the game, as well as the options that will change its trajectory.

We can show you a peek on the prologue.


What conclusions are those you may wonder? We're afraid that the cliffhanger ate the rest of the peek~!

Further down contains more narrative and the first choices to make through the game, we need to polish some parts first before showing you the rest. Something to look forth to another time at least.

We added some new characteristics in the Stats Menu, before, there was only INTELLIGENCE, ATHLETICS and SPEECH.


Now the following skills contain:

- STRENGTH, as it implies,it determines how strong Brandon is. This skill is useful for more physical feats, like fighting, carrying heavy objects and others;

- AGILITY, it's also a physical skill that can be used to dodge dangerous things or reaching certain risky places;

- PERCEPTION is more of a mental skill, with this Brandon is more aware of its surroundings and the people around it, making it possible for him detect small but crucial details that can be life-changing;

- INTELLIGENCE, how knowledgeable Brandon is, by aquiring large quantities of information , he can use it to survive in harsh situations and solve complex problems;

- SPEECH, Brandon's charisma in a nutshell, it helps to convince people to take his side and to make them more willing to help him if the need arises;

-WILLPOWER, believe it or not this is also an important skill to have, being trapped underground can break a person mentally and lead to its demise. With a strong mental constitution Brandon may be able to turn the tables on desperate moments.

In the Inventory Menu, we changed the main weapon to be an enchanted spear with water elemental properties and added the shortsword as a side weapon.


During the game, in case Brandon finds himself in a fight, the player may select one of these two weapons as attack choices.

Now there is also the EQUIPMENT section, that shows what Brandon currently is wearing, a splint mail armor to decently protect him from danger. It is possible to gain new equipment and change it if the player so desires.

In the Journal Menu there is three sub-categories to choose:


- Character profiles, any relevant character that appears in the game will have its information inserted in here;

-Lore, it refers to the worldbuilding of the story, the realm's story, geography and other similar pieces of info. Here, a small peek containing info

orial info

- Events Summary, in this section, an abridged version of the game's story is introduced in here each time it progresses to the next chapter. The content may change depending on what choices the player made.

This week we will be busy with paperwork related to this project that we must deliver to our peers, making it somewhat difficult to provide with a great amount of content for the next update. We will of course give our best to show you more.

We wish you all a wonderful week!

- From: The Sunless Sky Dev Team.

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