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It is critical that the player must be presented with decisions and that info can help them win the fight! At the same time influencing not directly controlling.

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After taking a short break from development I returned to a game in development that for the first time just didn't feel right! In it's current state it just feels too action-y and not nearly enough about the characters, about the politics of the world, the decision making and information I've dreamt of!

Two of the most important elements of the game are missing; decisions and information of which it is critical they play a huge central role in Ad Liberum as it manifests.

The real-time strategy (with time control) mechanic/s in their current state may well play some part in the final product but for now they've taken a back seat while I figure out what I need to do to bring the project back to its former vision. I will also be using them in a cannon-fodder-esque action spin-off game alongside.

It's since been decided that I want the player to influence but not directly control, aiding team members through acquiring information and making decisions alongside their own. I want the game to focus on the characters, the locations more and most importantly provide the player with a mechanic so diverse they could win the war from just information alone!

And on that note, Ad Liberum.. Take 2!

You will now assume the role of DeLeon (aka Mr Invisible: in his former hacker years), aboard the ISS.

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