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how to acquire naruto traits like Uchiha , Hyuga and senju

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Thank you for taking the time to view the mod

for now the Best way to get the traits of Senju Uchiha and Hyuga is to add them through Character editor and to get the rest of the traits is easy

you can get the Rinnegan by having the Byakugan and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

you can get the Sharingan by having the Uchiha trait and a chain of decisions will give you the other traits

Upcoming Features :

1- Tenseigan

2- More Artifacts like : the Tools of the Sage of the six paths

3-Targeted Decisions

4- More Decisions

5- Better Bijuu system

6- Elements of Chakra

7- Summoning Susanoo in Battle

8- Special events for tailed beasts

Please report any bug you faced while trying the demo

you can help the mod become better by suggesting ideas and changes you want to see

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