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Part of the Ancient Forest Update was released early last night by accident, here's a head's up to know what's been added and what you should probably wait to check out. The update will continue as planned despite the accident.

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The Ancient Forest is now accessible in game, but is not scaled and tested properly. The Ancient Forest plot line is not functional and so completion will be impossible on that front. This update is due to me not being careful which game file I was saving, so now the game has content which may not be up to my usual standard. If you are interested in playing the Ancient Forest area, remember that it is not final and things are heavily subject to change.

Full list of implements:

  • Ancient Forest (Areas)
  • Dark Forest (Areas)
  • Deep Forest (Areas)
  • Recluse Swamp (Areas)
  • Early Forest Ruins version (Unfinished)
  • Several new monsters (Not balanced)
  • Remodeled Red Knight's Realm
  • New party member: Mieva
  • Secret Dungeons (2)

Features I'm still working on:

  • Isle of Valor Sidequest
  • Isle of Valor Bosses
  • Isle of Valor Arena
  • Secret Dungeon: Lonereach Tower
  • Forest Ruins
  • Forest Ruins Boss
  • Companion Character Reimplemention
  • Main Character story
  • Lake of the Goddess secrets
  • Archaeology Sidequest
  • TBD: Pito Caves Dungeon & Episode 3 story

Please alert me if something is wrong in this version and I will correct it as soon as possible. Listed below are some screenshots of monsters and areas you'll see if you choose to explore the Ancient Forest, and I'll have more screenshots added to the main gallery later showing off places like Recluse Swamp.

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale: Version 0.3.1

Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale Demo Version 0.3.1


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