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I've hosted this game with Gamejolt since October. I wanted to echo here, a my last devlog.

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via Gamjolt.com: devlog update: 12/8/16

Hello Jolters,

Last night I uploaded a new build that featured a perk selection and I wanted to clarify and give an update.

The Perk Feature

You’ll notice that there are 17 little dudes with different colors, but they all do the same thing. Well, the plan is to have each one of these little dudes have their own perk. As a thank you to those who follow this game I made one for each follower. I would like for them to chime in on what their perk should be. I will be planning this for the near future.

The Coming Update

Gamejolt API - time for high scores and a little competition

The Dev

About myself. I like making games… I like the people who like my games… so I look at ways to involve them. Gamejolt doesn’t offer many tools for me to reach out to my followers (I have to manually go through my feed to find out who my followers are) and I can rant about that all day (in the real world I’m an art/creative director and whoever is making decisions at Gamejolt needs to provide better dev to player communication/marketing tools).

You see, I don’t know how involved my followers are. But, I know every follow, like, view, play, and comment is valuable. Not only for this game but any future game that comes along. So… I put value into the people who play my games. I put my followers in the game, part of the story, and history, intentionally. That’s the kind of games I want to make. That’s the kind of developmer I want to be.

Thank you for the support,


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