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So basically this mod is to show Calradia 200 years later but with the Bannerlord engine. It will be interesting and could maybe extend the gameplay for the players. I'm currently waiting to get the Bannerlord modding tools and to start the project. Wish you all a good time. wildnixe

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Expect(subject to change in the future):
-New textures for armours and tools, arquitecture for the different factions and other elements;
-New scenes;
-New factions with new units;
-Different politics for the different factions(ex: The Kingdom of The Nords has a mercantile politic (Mercantilism) and it's easier to trade with them;
-Warband Units Reworked;

Event example: A video of a huge horde of Khergits passing by, and what it does? It decreases the cost of units and wages for the Khergits and they are more open to war with other factions because of their war politic.

Currently i'm making a list of features, concepts and events for the mod.

If you want to help me and you know how to make textures send me a DM.

PS: The names of the lords, villages, towns and castles of the previous game Warband will be in the mod, some lords will be older and some of them replaced by their sons.
(ex: Count Delinard from Swadia replaced by Count Rafard that is now older and he is the ruler of his house).

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