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This should be the one and only article for this game.

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There is 3 development groups that helped or has something to do with this game.

The SCP Game Creators - The Original Publisher

3ytgames - The Recent Publisher

moustro19 - The Original Developer Of SCP-096

Special Containment Procedure 096 Development - Recent Development Of SCP-096

"Recently, in April 2016 there has been no progress in the game at all and we are already on Beta and to say that the game is over would break certain people's hearts, so I am officialy posting our progress of the game" - moustro19-The-Great


Recently, there has been problems when creating the game. My laptop broke so I am borrowing another person's computer. When it get's fixed, I will continue working on the game, the game will most likely go on to the Full version (Isn't that great?)

I'll be online less, but keep your hope. Right now I need someone to replace me for now. When my laptop is fixed, I'll be back in business.

Messages from creators:

"This was my first game that wasn't created with Blocky Game Engine, and I'm very proud of it"
- moustro19-The-Great

Videos Of Game:


v0.0.1 alpha
-Menu screen
-Loading screen
-Beautiful menu/final battle music
-3 maps

v0.0.2 alpha
-Black menu and loading screen
-Rock menu/final battle music
-Updated textures

v0.0.3 alpha
-Advanced menu and loading screen
-Updated door texture

v0.0.4 beta
-Widderune upstair textures
-Updated loading screen
-Bugs removed
-Updated stair texture

Future versions
-Updated underground containment texture

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