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This is in the early development stages of the game things will probably change : Please add your own suggestions

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Single and multiplayer
There is currently a single and multiplayer version being made with obviously single player having more in-depth features centered around your character. The only connection the two games will have will be based on land formations and lore. The multiplayer version will not be finished until after single player is finished.

Battle system
As said before project R uses a real time battle system which means you will be able to fight monster onscreen without it having to go into turn based mode. Your party is compromised of 2 of your active summons. I said before that you can switch between them at any point in game before, the problem with that system is if you have collected a lot of these summons you become invincible since you can just keep summoning them once one dies. So there will now be specific points on maps were you are allowed to switch between summons.

Each class will have a dynamic side to them such as the summoner that has to find his summons instead of just learning them. I have not been looking into other classes yet since im still working on the summoning system but hopefully there will be a large group of them to pick from.

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