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Well, first, I´m not a native english speaker, please dont kill me if I wrote something bad, please think I´m Yoda or something like that xD. After that, I wrote this for give to you more information about Brotherhood of Shadows.


If you remeber Slenderman, the game was first a short game about take 8 notes in a dark forest, after it, slenderman the arrival appeared. That situation can be a reference about the future of this game, Brotherhood of shadows. The actual version is more a "one shot" (like mangas in Japan) videogame. Can give to you an idea about how can be the big versión of the game, but is just that, a short game with begin and ending.

This version was made in one month, and now I am working more on it, I really want you like it. I want to have everything fine for the release day.

Features for actual game:

Spanish and English subtitles.
You dont have weapons.
Great atmosphere.
Easy Controller (you can play using only one hand, two hands on the keyboard, with one hand for mouse for the camera and other for keyboard)
Good difficulty.
The enemy didn´t have a predictive route, can be different every time you play.
Good animations, sounds and visuals.
Points on the game no have a linear route for complete the objectives.
You need to explore and the same time take care about the creatures on the scenary.
Something more... it´s free :D

can you win? O.o

Well, it´s time to talk about the game story. Nothing complicated, you need to find your little brother, he dissapeared after the end of carnival, you go to the Kafters family house trying to save your brother and you find rainbows and happiness xD.

Good news for the android gamers, I´m will working for make an apk port of the game (IOS please wait a little xd I need a Mac for do that), I want a Linux version too.

Well, have a nice day, may the force be with you LOL :D


PD: video:

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