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A bit about the origins of the A.Typical RPG and my plans for the game. And some other random stuff. Feedback is welcome!

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The idea for an RPG set in the present times and without any fantasy or science-fiction elements/cliches first came into my mind about an year ago. I'll tell you something - I'm a big fan of the RPG genre.

I have had mixed history with their gameplay, and almost every RPG I played had their share of features I liked and features I loathed. For example, I liked the Witcher's combat system but hated it's inventory management. I liked the idea of what the Last Remnant tried to do, but I got annoyed at the lack of choices and the fact that it got very repetitive, very fast. The list goes on and on.

As for the story department, my relationship started sweetly in my childhood, but has been mostly downhill since then as I played more and more of them. Every new setting had it's own set of characters and lore, yet they all seemed to translate into the same cliche we have seen too often - start weak, grow strong, kill bad guy, save universe. Note that this does not mean I universally hate RPG plots, just that they are a bit too predictable. I do enjoy them now and then, but it's like the case of eating pasta every hour - sure, it's good but sometimes you just need to eat something else.

Some info about the A.Typical RPG :

1. It won't have a leveling system per se, rather the actions taken during combat itself will shape the character's attributes and personality.
2. As you might have noticed, the first setting for the battle is a football (what the Europeans call football) match, so rest assured the scenarios will be varied and interesting. I cannot say anything more about the setting and plot at this stage, so I'll move to the artwork.

I haven't really decided about a specific art style yet (still perfecting and working out the kinks of the combat system), but more news about that and other stuff pretty soon. I eagerly await feedback/expectations/reactions about the game. Comment away, please!

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