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A little bit brief about Survivalizm. About the map About the animals in works About smell feature and more....

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Hey Guys,
This is my first big game called Survivalizm, in this game the players can play as one of 21 animals.
This is a realistic survival game where the player will be spawned in with numerous other animals of same species and different species.
Each of them also will have to survive just like the player by eating/hunting, protecting self and others from carnivores, fights and poachers.
The game will start with the smallest animals as playable and bigger animals will be unlocked by the karma points earned during gameplay.

Herbivores will eat the plants that will be spawned in realtime all over the 64 km^2 map.
Carnivores will eat other animals that will be in huge numbers. ( For ex. a herd of chital deer will have approx 30 deers Male and Females mixed, which will reproduce amongst selves or other herd to have more offsprings)

The map is open world comprising of Coniferous Forest and open grasslands. ( Broadleaf forest in the works but may or may-not be in the final game).

The game is nearing completion and will be playable in 2-3 months. Alpha however will be available early.

There will also be a smaller game mode of " ESCAPE THE ZOO ". A small 3rd person adventure game where the animals will escape the zoo.
Camera angle will be Isometric. Kill / Addle / Sneak past guards. Kill the zoo visitors and destroy the zoo.

The game is developed by a single person from models, animations, design and coding.Please do provide me with feedback so I can make the game better and if you would like to play it ?

~ IronBoundManzer ~

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