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This posting details what empire smash is and how it began and the technology behind the scenes.

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Hello and welcome to this post about Empire Smash. I want to go over the idea behind the game as well as discuss the technology being used to create and implement the ideas and design.

The Game

The game itself is actually inspired by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its faction system. Although Empire Smash's faction system will be a larger part of the game, the overall idea remains the same, you can do good or you can do bad and depending upon you choices and NPC's you kill you will be judged by the populous of the world and thus either uplifted or shunned. As the game development progresses we will release more on how this ideas plays out. Besides the faction system, another key element of our game will be the implementation of the battle system. The battle system is more than just our version if PvP, it all begins in PvE when a player make a choice to do good or bad. Overtime if the one factions members do bad to another this can trigger a battle in which players can earn substantial fame throughout the game community as well as in-game. This is determined by not only a players battle prowess but also their tactics used during a campaign. While ill leave the details to your imagination for now, I will say that these are the two fundamental elements of or game.

The Technology

We are levering the HeroEngine's powerful tool set to create a game that will be in line with AAA games as far as technology and artistic appeal. the HeroEngine also excels at large world creation and seamless linking between areas which will allow developers to create a world that makes users feel more connected. With HeroEngine we are also using 3DS Max and Articy Draft the firt for 3D art design and the latter for content creation and management. These programs allow us to work and create and link content together for usage in the game. These tools also help speed us up in the development process as they all have easy to use interfaces and features that really bring a game to life. That said we still have a lot of stuff to get done, however this this technology it will make hours feel like minuets when doing so.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if anyone has any questions, I will try to answer as best we can at this stage in development.

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