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See the short playthrough by Otukupunk and the new dialog system.

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Otakupunk, one of the very funny youtubers who play indiegames. He played a lot of OUYA game at the time, and hilarity was ensured.

He played golden fall a bit, and reach level 2.

I am also working on a potential DLC or sequel, not sure yet.

This one will have dialogs and more world exploration than only underground.

Please tell me in the comments what do you think of the GUI design.

A sale is planned soon for Golden Fall on steam.

Golden Fall is also available on Mac and Amazon App store for the android.

I was reluctant to add it to these platform for people saying "mobile port" but it's an RPG and it's suitable for those platforms as well. The main platforms was PC though.



And the Steam link:


What are you impressions of the game?

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