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A short explanation of what N.O.D.E. is really about.

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The first article most likely didn't really open what the game is all about, so lets try to explain it in here.

What is it about?

N.O.D.E. is a puzzle platformer where you, the player, play a scientist who controls a robot in different environments in Andromeda Galaxy. The robot is armed with different tools as you explore planets and asteroids in hopes of new scientific finds, be it new minerals, habitable planets and so on.

The gameplay is a bit different from the usual platformer, as you don't directly control the robot, but as the scientist it is your job to program it so that is goes through the level. This control works through a set of nodes that you place on the environment with different commands attached to them. The idea is to program the movement all at once, and then run the program that would solve the level. The most basic node is the move node, which orders the robot to move to that spot to best of its abilities, and this move node can be modified with different commands for different tools the robot has. These tools include a cable for towing objects, an antimatter bomb, a laser to cut things from the distance and a drone that can carry the bomb into hard to reach places. These are all still under development and can change as the project moves forward.

Here is a short video that hopefully clears the gameplay out a bit. I warn you, this video is really really really early alpha of an alpha.

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