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Post news RSS A Quiver of Crows - Dev Update #4

Play as a crow in this artful morbid twin-stick shooter set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls!

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New Weapons and Upgrades!

Laser weapon for A Quiver of Crows

  • New weapon: laser beam - can pass through multiple enemies
  • 3rd weapon upgrade level: 5-way peashooter, 3-way plasma weapon, or longer laser
  • New special attacks
    • standard bomb that has a bit of force, so it's useful for clearing away enemies and their ragdolling bodies
    • sticky bomb - players can stick this on a clueless enemy

More Art

The lonely start screen. Danny, the artist, has designed the game stages to be colorful while leaving the start screen a stark black and white in contrast.

Our dear crow rescuing another. Each stage requires the player to rescue a certain amount of crows in order to progress.

Doing battle in a forest!

Battling and rescuing crows inside a tree while the ants are hard at work.

Keyboard Controls

We are still fine tuning the controls, but they are very near finalized.

Thank you for reading! If you like what you see, please wishlist us from our Steam Page.

~Alice @busyrobot

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