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A lot of things, including fixes but also player placed objects life times, ballistics for bombs and more

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Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week. Several bug fixes, two critical ones (DLL and DPI), increased player placed object lifetimes, some art updates, bomb ballistic coefficient updates and more. Plenty of good things going into this one. We're continuing to make improvements where available and these notes do not reflect the entirety of our efforts here at CRS (such as 1.36 hybrid supply [which is nearing closed beta] and finding network improvements). The #1 way to support WWII Online's game development, is to become a Hero Builder subscriber (learn more here).

WWII Online: Version - February 2019

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

  • The FlaK36's (88) collider has been adjusted so it doesn't hit the top of the FB tent
  • Bombs that were not showing explosions are now fixed
  • The British M10 and Achilles decals have been fixed so that they are no longer upside down
  • Fixed a clipping issue for the Fuel Tanks, Loading Docks, AF Bunker, Castle Wall, Mansion Stairs and Church
  • The Mobile Spawn box will now remember if it has been unchecked
  • The PzIIc and Pz38(t) commander's view has been fixed to be in line with the gunner's view
  • Corrected an issue during installation that required external DLL files to be installed
  • Disabled High DPI scaling by default

Adjusted Content

  • An "Instrument" view (num-pad .) has been added to the FlaK36 (88) in order to assist players with seeing in front of the shield
  • The Credits have been updated
  • PPOs now have a 120 minute life span
  • Tank Traps and Gun Emplacements will have a 240 minute life span
  • Bomb Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values have been updated so that they are closer to the real-life values
  • The Netcode3 option is now removed from being in the Preferences menu and will be forced to being enabled
  • Country flags, next to town names, have been updated to look better and sharper
  • The M10 and Achilles internal sounds have been updated to match other units
  • The gunner's forward view port for the Pz3-L and Pz3-N has been unblocked
  • The old crew members for the SA 37mm have been retired and replaced with updated crew members
  • The internal art for the Churchill tanks has been updated
  • Keysie has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial
  • The Sdkfz 7/2 SPAA's Bofors has been replaced with the Flak37 model

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