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Check what has been happening in the world of Soul Clock (4/23/2016)

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Good afternoon/morning/evening/night to everyone out there.

I'm proud to say progress has been incredible as of my last update. The main level/city is nearly complete. There's only about 8-10 models I need yet create before it's completion. However, there's some even better news.

As of now we are cycling through several different UI schemes and styles being made by one of our 3d artists. I'll get some photos uploaded once we set the final GUI in stone and I implement it.

We also have the third mission being created. The game design is all there, but I need to create a few assets for the high school and get some other details in order before I release any info or screenshots about it.

We are still playing around with the main character's voice and recasting it, maybe. There's an awkward stigma right now with the character and his voice, so we're pushing things around until we find something that works.

Our composer has come up with a few different themes for the game, so we're waiting for finalization on those, and will post some here once they come in.

Tones of stuff has been cleaned up, but for the most part the progress has revolved around the Level Design.

Leave a comment if you have any questions~


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