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In which the game's aesthetics are reworked; leather-textures are attended to; the prologue-pyramid is made shinier; and the player-light's positioning is adjusted.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshots show work-in-progress on the aesthetics of the game, specifically in the player-light shader (for now):

Screenshot from 2020 02 24 19 23

Screenshot from 2020 02 24 19 22

Screenshot from 2020 02 24 19 56

This aesthetic reworking was the main focus of my work in the week just past, with only a few other things done besides:

As I believe that I've mentioned previously, my aesthetic goal for A Door to the Mists has long been "somewhat painted"; I've wanted to create a look reminiscent of fantasy paintings of old.

However, I fear that I haven't been reaching that goal.

While there are elements that look nicely painterly--or so I feel--there's much that doesn't. And since it doesn't look all that stylised, I fear that it simply looks like a poor attempt at realism.

So in the week just past, spurred by a recent bit of feedback on the look of the game, I started exploring changes to the game's aesthetics.

What's shown above, then, is my current partial-candidate for a new aesthetic, at least as concerns the areas covered by the player's lantern-light. (The intention being to move on to altering the sunlit shaders once I'm happy enough with the lantern-lit shaders.)

This is a pretty big change, and I'd very much appreciate critique on the look thus far!

In the meanwhile, development continues on the aesthetic. Indeed, it's currently in a bit of an in-between state, with experimental changes half-made. The result is... a little neon-soaked:

Screenshot from 2020 02 22 22 31

Screenshot from 2020 02 22 22 31 1

(Don't worry--I don't intend such bright background colours in the final version!)

Other than the above, I worked a bit on leather-textures (both colour and normal-map, if I recall correctly) for use in level four; made the prologue pyramid a little shinier, and thus hopefully a little less plasticky; and made some adjustments to the vertical positioning of the player's lantern-light.

That then is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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