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Soon, a new version of the mod will be uploaded. As more localisations are coming, we will soon need to translate the names of decisions and events.

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This is a small news item, mostly to let everyone know the work on the mod is slowly progressing.

The new version should include a working version of Iconoclastic and Manichean reformations. Manichean can be treated as a preview of how most heresies will take over their parent religions - in the first step, you establish a formal priesthood, and in the second you push out the parent religion from its holy sites, to establish yourself as the dominant religion, relegating the former parent to a heresy. Iconoclastic decision is one of the more unique ones - in it, a Byzantine Emperor uses his power and influence to embrace this old Greek belief and establish it as the new norm, even evicting the iconolatric* patriarch out of Constantinople.

In other news, we will probably soon need translators. I regret to say I don't fluently speak either of the languages featured as standard options in Crusader Kings II. If you can speak Spanish, German or French and want to translate the text strings, please contact us.

* Iconolatry is the term used by Iconoclasts to refer to the opposing view. We will look into changing the names of those two religions upon reformation.

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