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After weeks of planning, Child Arms is now undergoing it's new finalized look.

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...and thus two months have passed. So what have I been up to?

Last month I had to find a new artist and that took a while. After going through various submission, I settled on a studio known as House of Imagi who has provided me with some awesome artwork. I am certain that Child Arms will look great with this new art style. I can't wait to see how everyone looks like in the end!

The game has also successfully transformed into a vertical orientation. I got a lot of positive feedback about the sprites in the previous build with such a small size, now they're going to be huge and in your face. Seeing these characters so large, I knew I made the right decision. You can see the new and improved Child Arms with the following footage:

The fight mechanic have also been updated. I have now added disciplines that you may choose to fight under: Power, Speed, Defense, and Instinct. Each one of these disciplines change the way the game plays by emphasizing a specific trait.

  • Power focuses on brute strength and maximum damage.
  • Speed is all about quick strikes and chaining attacks over damage.
  • Defense puts your energy into increasing your parrying and dodging.
  • Instinct is aimed at those who need a helping hand and provides automatic canceling and dodging.


Notice the small letters under the health bar. These are two of the disciplines to choose from.

There's not much else to mention as the time has been spent planning for all these changes. Now that most things have been out of the way, I hope to continue the constant updates as before.

One last thing to mention is that Toolkitz now has a Discord server. I always seem to be having trouble finding time for my social sites. I feel like I should only post big important stuff rather than post every little thing. Discord, on the other hand, seems to be perfect for this. I can update constantly here as I feel people will expect such posts on Discord. Plus, I am also spending a lot of time on Discord, more than anywhere else, so I'm constantly online.

Big announcements like this will always be posted here on IndieDB as well as my other social sites, but if you want every little detail about Child Arms, then I'll be posting it all on Discord, so come check it out with this invitational link:

But let's not forget the rest of the social sites, so make sure you also follow the Facebook and Twitter for regular updates as well:

Last thing to mention is that the beta is still up. Even though the game is now undergoing reconstruction, the beta still provides the same experience. You can check it out on the itch.io page:

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