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Pets, new map, elfs, new quests, items and redesigned graphics!

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Hi everyone!

We want to start with thanking everyone that has been helping Kakele grow! Thank you to content creators, to CMs and to players that are helping form a great game community! We appreciate you all.

It has been nearly 2 months since we have launched Kakele 3.1! A lot of changes were introduced back then. This time it is no different, and it may take a while to absorb and learn all about the new features. We are working very hard to make Kakele an enjoyable and challenging game, if you have any suggestions please use our Facebook or Reddit, we appreciate your opinion!

I also wanted to remind you that we have created our Patreon page! If you want to further extend your support for our team and Kakele, please consider joining it: Patreon.com . Thank you in advance!! One other way to support us and really easy to do: recommend the game to a friend!! You can also subscribe to our YouTube, Instagram and other social media, that helps a lot too. Thanks!

The changes are below, and we apologize if we forgot to mention anything, as there were a lot of small tweaks to the game:

- Continued redesign of the game! Now we have redesigned all the monsters and map objects!! Check our YouTube out for some of those changes! (in the next updates we will be changing other sprites, such as items, outfits, NPCs, etc..)
- Pets! Not a surprise here, as previously announced on our social media. Please subscribe to our Instagram and YouTube to learn all about upcoming changes. Pets do not level up the same way as players do. They level up as they are in battle with other creatures. When you are hunting (gaining exp), the pets also level up at a higher rate compared to if you were just 'training' AFK. There are pet gyms in Kebelessa and Muroria for those that want to train their pets. Let us remind you that using any third-party software to play is not allowed, and we will be monitoring those training AFK. Pets have a maximum level of 100. You can get pets in the Pet NPC (in Norde) or by completing quests (just like outfits!!).
- New content: monsters, quests, items, bosses, outfits, pets and map. There is a lot to explore!! Are you ready to find out where did the Elfs in Kakele went after leaving Jarathorn? Most of the new content is locked in the test server, and it will be tested by the developers and senior CMs only.
- Revamping the left menu. This is a big change in organizing how the menus work. We hope you like it. We understand there will be a learning curve at first (for the old players specially), but this is a step to make the game more friendly on mobile and to new players.
- New house permissions! Now you can invite your friends to help build your house also! Be careful who you let in your house though! All the current house permissions will be reset for simplicity (sorry). Unoccupied houses will now have walls, so it looks nicer if no one lives there.
- The achievements will now correctly count already completed quests, even if you reset them (for instance at the explorers guild). Pets also count as achievements!
- Revamping the coliseum, again. Now you can only get the treasure once per event. The gladiators will also be a bit stronger. The level upper limits were lowered as well per arena. Entering the coliseum will grant you 2 seconds of spell immunity, which means you won't get busted by the death bean instantly anymore.
- As previously announced, we are reworking the invisibility spell due to it exploitability. Now, you will be able to see invisible players names. Invisible players get an extra 10% dodge probability to attacks and spells (just like spell and mana block spells).
- All the gestures in the backpack/loot were reworked aiming to simplify organization of your life. Dragging items in and between containers now works, instead of having to click to move items! Equipping two handed weapons will remove your shield in case you haven't realized that.
- Adding farming to the game! Now you can plant potatoes and strawberries! They have the same power as lvl 100 potions! Players owning houses will have some dedicated fertile grounds, and won't be able to set fertile ground anymore (so that houses don't become farms! Existing fertile grounds will be removed..). There are extra fertile grounds around the map for free accounts, and you cannot steal other player plantations anymore (up to a time limit).
- You cannot talk to NPCs if you are in PvP anymore. So no more running to boats!
- As previously announced, the hunter double attack spell was transformed into a 'attack faster' spell (just like berserkers).
- Delivering items to task will deliver all possible items in the stack! This way you don't need to break your mouse clicking to deliver items one by one.
- New revamped tutorial and task hints! Check it out and please let us know how can we onboard newbies to the game in a nicer way!
- Related to the tutorial: now the storyline have guiding arrows! These will be present for most early stages, and for the later stages we will not include them not to spoil quests. You can disable that in the storyline.
- Solo dungeons: we are adding the concept of dungeons! Previously you had events (Maedina, glitch, pigs race..). Now you also have dungeons, which are supposed to be completed solo or by a small group of players. These dungeons usually have a boss, and can be repeated daily! This is great for everyone, specially for solo players that have a hard time finding parties to hunt.
- New event: football!! This is an exciting one for those that like the sport. Try it out and let us know how it goes!
- Minimap clicking to walk! Many have suggested this, and we have heard you! Please test it and let us know if our algorithm sends you in the wrong direction! (I hope not!)
- We are launching on Steam on the 12th of April! For those that have a Steam account, please add Kakele to your wishlist!
- We are adding 3 options for joysticks: the new joystick (round), the old joystick (the directional) or no joystick. Test this out and let us know if you missed the old joystick or not!
- More loot space!! Now the loot bag will hold up to 40 items. Free accounts will have a backpack with 40 slots, and Premium accounts a backpack with 60 slots.
- Our CMs are working around to clock reviewing reports about rule violations, and we wanted to help them to catch cheaters. We are starting to add some experimental checks in the game to combat cheating. If you see a cheater please report them so we can investigate!
- A simplification in damage types. The red damage is now physical damage, the orange damage is direct physical damage (penetrates armors) and the purple damage is spell damage. Physical damage comes from the total attack. Spell damage comes from the total magic.
- Because pets can get quite strong, we are reducing players PvP damage by 20%, otherwise it will be too easy to kill anyone on PvP if you have a strong pet, which is no fun.
- New game icon! Let us know if you like the new icon, which uses part of our new logo!!
- With your feedback, we have decided to change the blacksmith resetting options! Now you can downgrade each attribute separately, one by one! You get 50% of your gold back each time.
- Loot animations! When looting something, you will see the item floating above your head to indicate that it has dropped into your loot box.
- We have reduced the attack of some angelical creatures, which were dealing too much damage when compared with their demonic counterparts.
- The Oracle boss was nerfed. No one has completed the quest so far due to its difficulty. We have carefully analyzed all the feedback the players have sent us (via email or the Discord support), and adjusted the difficulty accordingly.
- Upgrades to items and potions will have a small icon showing up next to the item, to help distinct between upgraded items and non-upgraded items.
- Now the client will highlight the friendly and enemy targets. It will be easier to identify who have you clicked, unlike before!
- We have dumbed down monsters AI that attack from far. This way it will be much easier to chase them down (sometimes it was quite hard, specially for speedy monsters).
- Uncommon (blue name color on our Wiki) and Rare (yellow name color on our Wiki) items NPC prices were raised! Check out our Facebook for a link to the spreadsheet with changes!
- Free accounts can now use the game market to create offers!! We hope that this will help boost the game economy more!! Premium accounts can create up to 40 entries, and free accounts can create up to 20 entries. We are aware that the historical entries can be a bit confusing sometimes, and we are thinking on how to simplify them for the next update.

Uffs, lots of changes, isn't it? We understand this can be overwhelming, but all of this was thought carefully to improve the game and gameplay. We really hope you enjoy it, and we are looking forward to launch these changes.

The Wiki will be updated sometime soon. We want to remind you that nothing is final, everything is subject to change, and we will be always hearing your feedback and improving the game over time! (even if that doesn't happen in this update)

Help us to test all the above! The test server is open, and the details are shared in our support Discord. Thank you all for your support!

Check out our YouTube channel if you haven't done so already too!

Best regards,
The ViVa Kakele team

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