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Gameplay, Style, Features. Everything has changed since the last article was posted about this game.

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Download the Demo here:


1.5 Years

It has been a long time since the last article about this game.
During this time, the game's direction has changed drastically.
It was originally intended to feature a long and intensive storyline.
With time, I realized how this was too ambitious. One person alone
cannot create a project of this size while maintaining a reasonable game quality.
This is why I shifted my priorites and now focus on the more important parts of the game.
Here is a summary of what I have done during the last 1.5 years.

AST Screenshot 2 4

A New Structure

With new priorities come new game mechanics.
As part of a changed focus, the game now encourages a more strategic play style
with new stealth-based features designed to make you think.
The story-centered structure that it once had is replaced
by a more simple level select system with 16 challenging scenarios.

Some levels include:

- Apartments
- Police Station
- Courthouse
- Gold Reserve

AST Screenshot 3 1

Variety in Gameplay

In order to support several different playstyles,
I have changed my level design philosophy to think about
every decision a player can make, and design the levels with that in mind.
The weapons and equipment are re-designed, the minigames are better
and there are more features for both the silent and loud approaches.

AST Screenshot 8

Lighting Engine

It has always felt like the game was lacking depth.

After extensive experimentation, I discovered how important the lighting can be for a game.

With a lighting engine implemented, it is more immersive to play

and the game looks better than it ever has before.

AST Screenshot 1 2

Other Significant Improvements Include

- Improved player movement
- A tutorial level
- Smoother path finding
- Patrolling guards
- Rebalanced enemies
- Reaction indicators
- Electronic doors
- More minigames
- Optional loot
- Map details
- Object shadows
- Pause screen
- Added settings
- Multiple save file support
- Better UI animations

AST Screenshot 9

Beta Testing

With the game being close to completion, I have begun small scale beta testing.
The early feedback as already been insightful,
and I am open to any ideas that could make the game even better.

AST Screenshot 4 3

Every single addition has its place, and I am working towards creating an updated demo of the game.

Thank you for reading.

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