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Post news RSS A New Era First Article - Planned Features and Overview of the game.

Just a basic overview of the game and all planned features.

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A New Era a RPG Sandbox game with a possibility of being an Online game, sets you in medieval times, where guns and such were not around. Swords, Shields, Daggers, and even Spears are the weapons available to you.

You start off in one of the Major Cities with nothing but a map.

You must venture out into the lands, forging alliances, taking control of the abandoned settlements , and become stronger by leveling up your skills, such as Woodcutting, Constitution, and many others.

You must Fish in lakes and oceans, Hunt in forest and grasslands, Tame animals as your own, and Mine ore's that are scattered around the world.

Planned Features

  • Possible Online
  • Swords Spears Shields Maces Daggers
  • Armor made with ingots, which are made from Ore's found in the world such as Iron, Copper, Steel
  • Trees can burn down and the fire will spread
  • Weather effects such as rain, storms, snow
  • Everything is player-driven. Meaning players will be able to decide the value of objects, economy, etc etc
  • Map will contain biomes such as forest, tundra, desert
  • Player can venture into caves and find hidden treasure
  • Animals can be killed
  • Abandoned settlements, castles, and towns can be found scattered across the world.
  • Players can skin animals
  • Players will have a robust skill tree system (will get more into detail)
  • Players can tame horses and fish
  • Players can farm
  • To craft you must go to crafting benches such as Anvils, Furnaces, Woodworking station

Skill Tree System

A New Era's skill tree system will be very customizable. Players will be able to choose what animations they do, creating very in-depth, and different combos. Combat is in real-time. This will allow no other player to have the same combos. (Unless they want to) Bows and such do not use the skill tree system. this is exclusively for Melee characters.

Players also have the ability to be what they want. They can be a Battlemage, Rouge Knight, or even both. The possibilities are endless.

Skill System

A New Era's Skill System will allow the player to spend time honing their skills. Farming, Hunting, 1H Mastery, 2H Mastery, Bow Mastery, those are just to name a few skills. The max skill level will be 99, and the players start out at one. Skill such as Smithing, Mining, etc etc affect the chance of having a successful creation. 1H Mastery and 2H mastery affect what weapons they can use. Farming and Hunting affect what they can plant, and what they can hunt.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and there will be more to come :-)

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