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I am back working on A-mazing Ants updating some game features it's been a while since I have worked on the game. I finished up "Lost In The Boreal" an outdoor survival game which was my 10th project on Game Maker. I was not sure what to work on next so I always go back and look at my older games especially A-mazing Ants my first game. A-mazing Ants is still my favorite game due to it's simple game play and original concept. I based the game on a board game I made back in high school.

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A-mazing Ants was my first indie game and it's been a while since I done a major update on the game. Last summer I worked on some improvements to game save and load functions bringing in elements from my game Gavin's Quest and making the game work in full screen mode.

I started this update a few weeks back as I always go back to my older games and look at things I can do to improve them. So for the next little while before my next gamedev project I will be working on some more improvements to this game.

The bulk of this update is improvements to the games look. I overhauled a lot of the graphics including some new backgrounds and new game HUD's.


The other changes I am working on is to get game control support working again. The original GM8 had the game control D&D functions built in and I had all these working good. When I switched the game over these functions didn't work as well anymore so I went back and worked on getting them back up and working. I also done the same for my other games as well.

The other change I made was updating the late game mazes in the Black Ant Story. I reworked the inventory system and got rid of the split screen view opting for a closer view. All these improvements make the game look a lot better and I have been applying everything I have learned working on other projects to try to make this game the best it can be.


I done an update to the demo as well which I uploaded here so folks can try it out. I will be working on some more improvements to this and my other games.

Thank you very much for reading and have a great day.


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