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Post news RSS A look at all the themes in A Trail! (Part Two)

Showcasing the various themes used in our game based on its artstyle! ^^

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Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share some of the different themes we have based our levels on. We cover the previous four theme in part one, check it out here!

Our art-style is akin to a living painting. Where a moving blob of color paints an exciting portrait. With that in mind we tried reflecting the different medium of creativity through that. Including tailoring the music and the level elements to suit the themes.

Let's have a quick look at remaining three themes! ^^

1) Shadow Tempo

Serving as a mix of the Tempo and Shadow themes, this theme combines the best of both. Combing and enhancing the high speed, beat based feel of the Tempo levels with nice glossy black aesthetics from the Shadow levels. The color combination in the levels of this theme are some of the best in the game!

The addition of black holes that teleport you just adds to the overall craziness!

A Trail S Tempo gif

1) Noir

Visually speaking, Noir is the most distinct theme out of all the other themes. The dark, grunge, static background with dense smokes, vibrant bubbling lava with steam causing you to float or sink, classic jazz track, all combine together to create a unique look and feel that stands out from the rest of the game.

It's the most static yet the most dynamic theme in the game.

A Trail Noir Gif

3) Amalgamation

Our final level and the game's magnum opus. It's the largest level in the game and also the most challenging one. As the name suggest, for this we went back to all the previous themes, capturing their unique essence and the bringing it together as an amalgamation of them all. Visually the level feels like a final send off to the previous levels as you wind off the game.

Poster 2

I wanted to showcase some part of it but we rather have the user find it out as they eventually play it in game. Hopefully it lives up to its intended design and give them an experience worth remembering!

That's all for now! We'll take a look at the game's main menu/hub screen in the next article!

Check out the game in action:

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