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Here's a long overdue update on the project, featuring not-so-good news.

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Alright, time for a long, long overdue update.

I want to keep it snappy, so here's the gist: Magnet Man Adventures is postponed until sometime in 2016.

Development on the game has simply eaten up more time and resources than I had ever anticipated. It has already taken almost a year longer than originally planned, and it is still far from good enough to be released. I simply kept running into too many issues, some caused by inexperience, others by outside factors I had no control over. And endless stream of bugs had to be fixed which only broke other parts of the game. At this point, the codebase is nothing more than a clump of duct-tape. Some of the issues with the game lie at the very heart of this clump, untouchable and unfixable without ripping the entire thing to shreds. So I have decided that the only thing to do is to rewrite the entire game, most likely in a different engine.

This is actually not the first time I have thought about doing it. But whenever it had occurred to me before, I forced myself to push forward, to keep working on the game. It's already been delayed so much, and the fans are waiting, I have to release it. Surely it'll be ready after this round of fixes. Only it never was. So now I have finally decided to draw a line.

I will redo the entire thing from scratch. However, it can't be the only thing I can focus on for now. The endless development on this project has drained both my finances and my motivation, so that I have to focus on other, smaller projects for now. Simply put, I need to earn money and recharge my creative batteries. To that end, I'm developing a small mobile title that I will announce soon.

Let me clearly state that Magnet Man Adventures is not canceled. It is still my passion project and I will get it done and release it, hopefully this year. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to playing it. I hope you'll stick around a bit longer, check out some of my other projects and will be present when Magnet Man Adventures returns. Bigger, better and meaner than it's ever been.


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