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Showing off more progress regarding the lively animated world of the game. Another fancy reason to get in the action and just snoop around really.

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Hi guys,

This update will be short as I had little time to put together a detailed presentation, even though there's been a lot of changes, but really want to keep you all in the loop! I will expand on this particular update on Tuesday with more animated goodies so you can have a better idea of what's going on!

So what's happened is we've been basically working on the environment: grass, trees, clouds, sun, etc and here you can check out an animated resume of our progress:

There's actually a lot going on here and I'll be sure to show you closely everything this upcoming week.
Oh! And players can now jump, hooray!

For quality sake, I have uploaded an HD image in the gallery as gif's do little justice to the overall quality.
An important note. We're currently only using a set of environment graphics with which we're making the world function correctly so if you think there should be more ground, grass, tree types you are correct, they should and they will be! But for now we keep to one so progress can happen.

Make sure to follow Mana Aegis here on indieDB as progress is fast and your positive feedback helps us get through the day.

Have a great weekend,
Virgil, out!

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