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A little review from my search for work, from the release of Rebellion until now.

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Hi there guys !

Let's come over with some news, as many things happened since I released the version 1.3 of Rebellion at the end of January !

My objective with rebellion has always been to use it as a demo of my skills in order to get a job in the Video Game industry as a Level Designer.
So, as soon as I released the game, I started sending emails and phone calls to the contacts I made last year at the GDC 2008 in Paris.
Unfortunately, not so many answered back... I suppose that's how things work.
Anyway, the ones who did answer were really interesting studios and I started to get a very nice contact with them.
I had a few phone calls and many emails were exchanged.
This resulted in 2 great interviews.
Great, probably because I was directly talking to guys from the industry : Level Designers, Project Leaders and Artists... and eventually HR guys (but never alone !... no sweat, guys ;-) ).

In the same time, I went on Gamasutra with the idea to take the list of studios there, and send them a presentation of Rebellion and myself.
Have you guys ever been on the Companies list ? Man... it's huge !
So... I started to choose one country, UK, went on every british companies website check if they were making computer / console games (not cellphone), finding an email, and sent the presentation.

On the 30 / 40 emails I sent, I received exactly... 3 answers :

- "We don't need Level Designer."


- "Thank you for your interest, blablabla, but we actually don't have any Level Designer position available... etc..."

Well, at least, THEY answered.

Let's call this as it is... a waste of time :-)

Apparently, I hadn't enough and did the same with France... with almost the exact same result.
Yeah, almost. Since sometimes, there are jobs offers on the website, and it's possible to apply directly from the website.

I got one single interview, and it was not interesting.

But... it looks like even if people don't answer to my emails, they looked at my stuff anyway, and kept it in mind, which is probably what I wanted.

The result of these emails is that I later (one or two months later) got an email from a cool studio which said they found my profile very interesting, and that they wanted to stay in touch until they get Level Designer openings. Sweet !
I later went to see them (I asked for it) to say hi and make a little presentation of Rebellion.

So... even if it took a lot of time to get all these emails in order to send them a presentation of Rebellion, for that only nice contact I think it was worth it :-)
I might also always get a mail from one of the contacted companies later on... who knows.

Well... right now, I'm still in contact with studios, in the hope it will end up with a contract.

I think it will.
I also think that patience and perseverence are essential assets :-)

And that sounds like what you need when creating a mod, as well... ;-)

Take care guys !

Cheers !



To be honest, I'm not surprised at all. That's not really how the job process works, unless you're a seriously acclaimed designer

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RaphaelG Author

Yo :-)
You mean "sending emails" for spontaneous candidature ?
Yes, I totally agree. It's just that I want to put all chances on my side. And for that only good contact it gave me, it probably was worth it :-)
Anyway, I believe the best way is definitely to go and meet the people from the industry, at events like the GDC.
Do you have any other idea ? I'm all ears... :-)

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Thanks for sharing this, 'twas interesting.
I played Rebellion after you mentioned it on Interlopers, was worth it.

Are there any plans for updating it at all, or are you happy to leave it at it's current state?

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RaphaelG Author

Hey there, Windlab :-)
Sweet you tried Rebellion when I shared this on Interlopers, that was the very first version of the mod, and the feedback there really helped me improve a few things (later on, it was the PlanetPhillip community who helped me get to the version I now share on ModDB, the 1.3).
So, as you can see, I already did improve a honest amount of things to make the experience smoother, and I just recently added a little fixup about a Widescreen resolution crash some people experienced.
But I probably won't improve this current version. First because I'm pretty much happy with it and also because I prefer to move forward :-)
Now, I believe that a way to improve the mod, wouldn't be to "remake" or "add" stuff in that part, but it would be to Create the next part keeping in mind many of the feedback I got (make longer Action phase, now that I've shown the potential of the mod I might also get some english speaker actors ;-),... ) while still holding to my desire to make a character / story driven mod.

As soon as I get some news, I'll let you guys know :-)

Until then, take care and enjoy !

Cheers ;-)

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What is this new doing at the Rebellion Company Profile?

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