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sadly a few things will be held until later on, however more is still to come.

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Here's a problem I encountered;
FPS Creator only allows a specific file type for video, which I was going to use the cutscenes as.
This being said, the file type was actually the RAW recording of video.
The big problem is that every video would be a few hundred MBs and just ONE increased the game's size by 100 MB.
Now, I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't want to download my game if it's 3 Gigs and only a few levels.
That being said, the cutscenes are on hold until I can either
A.) Decrease the file size
B.) Use a different file type
So, that's held back.
NPC's might be too unless I can do something fancy with 'em.
Either way, the rest is still intact for the next update.
What you'll get:
+ More levels
+ Storyline (Just without cutscenes)
+ More content of various types

That is what I can guarantee.
I can't guarantee an "AMAZING EXPERIENCE, UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER HAD!" but it is a game I'd hope you guys will enjoy to some degree.
Keep looking out, and thanks for following and reading.

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