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Creator of The Hegg, The Legendary Zoltan, shares with you his reasons for making his first game.

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Hello. My name is Jahan Honma. I'm also known as The Legendary Zoltan. I am happy to announce the release of my very first game, The Hegg. I had two goals when creating this game. The first was to prove to myself (and perhaps to others as well) that I am not the type of person who talks about how great a game I could design and never takes action. The second goal was to create a game that can deliver an experience that exceeds its buying price. I believe I have met both goals with The Hegg. The game is a very complete experience that requires neither outside materials to find all the secrets, nor DLC to understand the entire story. It is a puzzle game at heart that should have players pondering and exploring in a fulfilling way.

I sincerely thank all the people who buy and play The Hegg. I put my heart into it and I would very much like to be able to make a much better and more polished game in the future. I have a lot of ideas for games, and this one is just an example of what a person with no programming knowledge or artistic skills can create with nothing but RPG Maker and a desire to make one's own game. Thank you very much.

The Legendary Zoltan

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