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So I've been a way for a while, here are some things that may come for Arete.

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Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I've posted an update to Arete, and this is due to me working hard on concepts and planning for when I begin to use Unreal. So far I can say all is well.

Some of you may have noticed the absence of all the previous articles and images on the site, as well as some different images. I figured these images and articles weren't relevant anymore due to the constant changes to Arete, of which you can see below.

A few Arete Updates (23/06/2016)

  • I have made a sample font for usage in Arete titles, as I didn't realise I was using a font I shouldn't have.
  • An audio piece "The Storm Is Upon Us" was made and uploaded to Youtube as an unlisted video. A newer public version may be coming soon.
  • Development on the main characters and their visual appearances has begun.

There are many more, but I decided to share these three for now.

Later today I will upload more relevant images to fit with the new Skyward, not many may show pictures of the game itself, but will show snips of the story, characters and more.


Despite my confidence in being able to create the game by myself, I will definitely need people to assist with the game's development. You can help me by:

  • Donating a model that is relevant to the story
  • Voice acting a specific character (This may not happen this early, but it's a possibility)
  • Aiding me with scripting or anything else
  • Creating sounds and music for the game
  • Creating animations
  • Beta Testing!

For helping, you will be listed in the credits, and possibly might receive something of value in the game when it is complete.

Beta Tests

There is a chance I will make a Beta Test for Arete, and when I do I'll be sure to give some people a shot. The beta will basically be an extended demo that Beta Testers can play prior to the release of a public demo and the full game. Beta Testers will have to seek bugs that should be fixed, all the while playing the game.

Full Game Beta Tests (FGBT)

As well as beta tests, I may give few people access to the Full Game Beta, which basically is the entire game for FGBTs to find bugs and play the entire game. At the least, only five people may get access to this, but I may extend it.

Hope you guys are still excited for Arete, despite the endless interruptions and delays. I hope to make the game worth the tedious wait!

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