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There were some hiccups in the listing of our latest resource pack release, so... but the good news is they're all fixed!

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Not to get too much into the incongruities between web browsers, operating systems and such even though there is theoretically a web standard by which they can all co-operate... am I trying to say the mistakes aren't my fault? Well yes, at least two of them. More, actually.

I did need to address an updated texture file that we'd not accounted for... and that was map_icons.png. It took me very little time to deal with that, however, so those updates are already live on our homepage. Also, so are they on ModDB, which still does generate some downloads for us.

Which, by the way, thank you.

I'm sure some of you noticed I appeared to use old previews for the new back. Nope. For some reason ModDB didn't cooperate with Firefox to allow me to post the new ones I'd made. You'll see that there are new previews - and if you want to check the time stamps on those, be my guest. Some of this stuff is a week old at this point.

My apologies for the appearance of laziness. I'll admit to having less enthusiasm at the end of a two month update process than at the start, but we gave it everything we had. Also, we're making plans to update the ACME Gingerbread Kit, in addition to overhauling older textures that are less stylistically ... congruent. Maybe that's today's word.


So, yeah. All's well on the development front!

If you've any comments or questions, links or ... whatever ... you can catch me at @hastypixels on Twitter!

Ta for now!

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